Types of performances

Strolling Magic


Are you looking for magic that happens up close and right under your nose? Strolling magic will do the trick! This consists of close-up, sleight of hand artistry using everyday objects. The magic happens right in front of the audience members and at times right in their hands. Imagine sitting at a table watching objects appear under saltshakers, coins jumping into a friend's closed hand, or seeing your boss burst out laughing as his card appears on Nick's forehead. These are the type of moments you'll have with this performance. Perfect for banquets, graduation parties, weddings, or anniversaries.

Family Shows


Just as magic has an intellectual complexity which puzzles adults, it also has a wondrous charm which delights youth. Maybe you can recall seeing a coin pulled from behind your ear when you were young. Full of energy and slapstick humor, this show will keep a room full of children entertained. Not only will the children be amazed but the adults will find a few chuckles throughout the show as well. Perfect for schools, libraries, and private parties.

Stand-up Shows


Stand-up magic shows are performed in front of a larger audience and consist of a 45-60 minute performance. This show includes frequent audience participation and routines designed for entertaining a crowd of 50 to 250 people. Imagine a performance in a comedy club, subtract the expensive drinks, and add in heavy doses of magic. 

Close-up Shows


Close-up shows are a mix between the standup show and walkaround magic. ​It's an intimate 40-60 minute perfomance designed for an audience of 40 people or less. During this performance, you'll see routines which aren't normally performed during the typical walkaround magic performance. This show is designed to be reminiscent of home shows that magicians performed in the past. To paint a picture, imagine being a room with your family and closest friends, witnessing objects melting through your own dinner table or a signed object appearing inside of a piece of fruit. 

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