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About Nick

       A delightful Cleveland entertainer and storyteller, Nick first discovered the world of magic at his local library, while watching a local magician perform. At the age of eight, he received his first magic kit. Soon after, he stuffed his new tricks into his pockets and began to entertain his friends and family. Over the years, Nick studied countless books, soaking up the information and creating his own routines. But he truly began to hone his skills while attending Saint Ignatius High School. Deeply involved in their circus arts group known as the Circus Company, most of his weekends were devoted to performing shows around the Northeastern Ohio area. During his four years as a member, he performed well over 400 shows full of magic and juggling. However, the main focus of the group was to help him become a deft entertainer, leaving him able to perform in almost any given situation and still delight a crowd.


Nick Eaton has been performing for over a decade, carefully perfecting his skills as a magician and entertainer. Known for his charming personality and wry smile, Nick has delighted and enthralled hundreds of audiences with his endearing performances. A multifaceted entertainer, Nick is known to astound people of all ages with his skillful magic and origami. Whether it’s strolling entertainment with deft sleight of hand or creating laughter from children at a library, Nick is sure to present an enjoyable experience for his audiences.

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